Nike WMNS Chukka Kenshin

  • Caroline Thenadey
  • 6 years Ago
  • Nike

Increasingly responsive to its customers and its consumers who do not identify longer forced into models too sports, Nike has bounced back by proposing a model ready to meet the addict the most casual and more attentive to the games materials. Indeed, Nike gets the famous and comfortable weaving Footscape and the classical form of Tokki, or Vans Chukka to offer the Nike Kenshin Chukka. Originally Kenshin manga is a Japanese … and it is clear that this pair will be a hit among the Japanese already very fond of Footscapes. For now only have two colors summers proposed price of $ 95 (70 €) and I am eager to discover new more sober colors to finally have the pleasure of test weaving.

Caroline Thenadey

/ team WAVE®

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