Oshman’s x mita x New Balance 574 “Mojito”

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  • 5 years Ago
  • New Balance

Oshman’s and Mita, both based in Japan are accustomed to working with New Balance, and already made variety of model quite impressive (CM1400, CM1600C, H710, 1600, CM1001, CM1500 …). And this time, it will be a ML574 that will be honored.

The Japanese are fond of collaboration, and we saw all kinds! Some got completely wacky colors and some are so simple that you might think it’s a general release. This could be the case here, except that the pair exudes quality with this beautiful suede.

Here no frills, logo galore, everything is in its simplicity. The mixture of color is absolutely gorgeous thanks to this “Mint” suede. All placed on a gumsole. The work is remarkable!

However, even if the pair looks perfect for summer, they will be released on December 8th, and probably only in Japan. It will be difficult to obtain it.



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