Patta x All Gone x Ill-Studio ‘All Gone Capsule Collection’

  • Guillaume Souche
  • 5 years Ago
  • Clothing

To celebrate the All Gone launch at Patta Amsterdam, book created by Michael Dupouy fonder of LA MJC that became since his first parution in 2006 a sort of street-wear Bible, La MJC, Ill-Studio and Patta teamed up on a mini capsule collection that features  hoodies and crewnecks inspired by the paisley cover of the book.

A very limited collection available this thursday the 24th at Patta along with the new website  Club 75 ( Cool Cats website successor).

No info price has been communicated but this limited capsule collection is promised to sell like hot pancakes.. MUST HAVE ?! I guess it is…

Guillaume Souche

/ team WAVE®

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