Play Cloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 ‘Cotton Candy Pack’

  • Guillaume Souche
  • 5 years Ago
  • Saucony

Play Cloths teamed up with Saucony on this ‘Cotton Candy Pack’ consisting in a Shadow 5000 declined in three pastel colorway’s (Dream Blue, Coral Almond et Mimosa), made with premium Suede, featuring a star perforated toe box, a gummy outsole, a special inside lining and a a tongue tag printed with the famous Play Cloths logo. Stay tuned for more info concerning the release.

play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-1 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-14 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-2 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-6 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-12 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-5 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-8 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-3 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-4 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-11 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-10 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-9 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-16 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-17 play-cloths-saucony-shadow-5000-cotton-candy-pack-15

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Play Cloths x Saucony Shadow 5000 'Cotton Candy Pack', 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
Guillaume Souche

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