Puma States “Denim”

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Puma

The Puma States is a variation of the famous Suede, and this time it will be a denim one. Releasing the 12th October ! A simple design, a comfy sneakers, easy to wear , this is why the Puma Suede, Clyde, Basket and States are a must have for the sneakerheads. The other major point is certainly  they was made in so many colorways  that you will need a life to reference all of them.

For the end of 2012 (and not for the end of the world), denim looks very present onto the sneakers scene, but it’s true when you see those States, you understand why. A perfect result, with a simple but detailled design,t hanks to the stitching, eyelets and the leather piece on the backtab.

Scheduled to drop the 12th October at 75€.


/ team WAVE®

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