Radii Shoes

  • Armand Goaziou
  • 9 years Ago
  • Radii @en

Radii Shoes is a new brand of sneakers based in Southern California. Radii Footwear (for ray dee-eye) was born in 2008 of the unbridled passion of its creators in art, sewing and the world of high-end shoes. The concept? ‘No limit!’ offer quality products, creative concepts and avant-garde. The side of the proposed models, we find only the shoes at Hype Hype. The Ultra High-Top, neon colors, from scratch .. everything to the success of brands like DC Shoes Supra Shoes or lately. All the ingredients are combined to make the shoe trend of the moment, as shown by all the big names of hip-hop have already adopted. Inside at Sneaker Lounge in Paris and on the Web at Karmaloop. More images of Radii Shoes: RADII 420 TOP RADII 420 PIPED RADII STRAIGHT JACKET RADII NOBLE RADII TIMELESS DELUXE RADII Thrillers RADII STRANGLERS RADII Thrillers WMS RADII MOON WALKER

Armand Goaziou


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