Red Dead Redemption 2 online mode will be available today

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After only 1 month of operation, the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 will be available during the day for a limited number of players.

The entire video game world turned to Rockstar during the back-to-school period. Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 17 million copies in just 8 days, generating nearly $725 million in revenue. While some have already completed the main story, Rockstar intends to reward the already numerous aficionados of Arthur Morgan’s universe with the arrival of the online mode. However, Rockstar Game does not want to encounter the same server difficulties when they launched the GTA 5’s online and therefore plans to launch in several waves.

The first server opening will be done today at 2:30 PM only for holders of the Ultimate version of the game. Players who played on October 26 (game release days) will have access to the beta on the 28th, followed the next day by players who played between October 26 and 29. Finally, the entire community will have access to the online servers on November 30. These selective testing phases are obviously intended to reward early supporters, but more importantly to gather user feedback that will be very useful to Rockstar in improving the gaming experience.

We don’t know exactly what this online mode will be made of at the moment, but Rockstar has confirmed that the open world could contain up to 32 simultaneous players. Scavenger hunt, clan warfare, but also all the hunting experience playable as a team to extend the solo mode. According to rumours, Rockstar Game could increase the number of simultaneous players based on their first tests.

So see you this afternoon for the owners of the Ultimate version, other players will surely be able to wait with the many gameplay videos on YouTube.

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