Ruff Ryders X Reebok Pump Twilight Zone

  • Psy
  • 6 years Ago
  • Reebok

If you are a US rap lover , you must know Ruff Ryders, the music label from New-York known thanks to  DMX, Styles P, Jadakiss …It was established by Swizz Beatz’s uncles , productor of most of the Ruff Ryders albums and Swizz Beatz work now with Reebok … It won’t be fair from him to forget his old friends and co-workers .

Well, he didn’t forget them ! Swizz Beatz will celebrate their partnership with a pair of Twilight Zone Ruff Ryders, in a Silver / Black colorway , the label’s color … the design is  simple (most of us will enjoy that part), a black pump on the tongue ( even if we prefer the orange og pump ),nothing unusual , everything about effectiveness . For the original part , you can see the Ruff Ryders ” R ” which remplace the normal Reebok ” R “.

No release dae at the moment , but we will do our best to inform you !


/ team WAVE®

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