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Best of SADP of the week. #SADP (Sneakers Addict ™ Daily Pics) gives you the opportunity to share your passion with the world Sneakers. To enter simply join the group and follow these rules:

The best photos #SADP of the month will be published on a SneakersAddict.com ™:
1: Your photos must have your pair “worn” and be of good quality (several photographs and photomontages of blurry photos or very low resolution are not accepted)

2: Photos of poor quality, irrelevant questions and links ebay / online sales will be deleted

3. To facilitate publication, thank you to indicate the model shown in the picture. You can also participate using the hashtag #SADP on Twitter and Instagram or join the SADP Facebook group.

Yoan Kicks – Air Jordan IV

Vincent Martin – Nike Air Max 1

Torben Dallas – Nike Air Max 1

Thomas Enjelvin – New Balance 670 NTU Norse Project

Theo Przybilla – Asics Gel Lyte 3

Stefan Fischer – adidas APS

Snapster Weetoz – Nike Air Tech Challenge

Seth Baert – Air Jordan V

Sebastian F. Morgner – adidas Lexicon

Rogier Mulder – Nike Air Force 1 iD ‘What the’

#SADP (SNEAKERS ADDICT™ DAILY PICS) : 28/08/2013, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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