Samsung x Supreme : Two false representatives fool the Korean group

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The world of streetwear has largely surpassed clothing and is now attracting the interest of the largest groups who want to join this movement.

Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton were all looking for an established brand on the market to reconnect with a youth with which they could no longer interact. The world of technology tends to follow the same path with Apple presenting a (big) easter eggs Supreme in one of its ads or Nokia surfing on the 90s revival with its 3310. The Samsung brand has chosen to address this target by partnering with Fortnite during the summer to offer buyers of its Galaxy a new skin.

The Korean manufacturer wanted to continue its success by announcing a collaboration with Supreme. However, problem, the two representatives of the brand presented on stage have nothing to do with the American skate label and wear items obviously fake. The two men also took advantage of their presence on stage to announce that Supreme planned to use this collaboration to establish itself on the Chinese market with a store in Beijing. This story is reminiscent of a similar news story 6 months ago, but it is the first time that such a large company has been involved in such a trickery.

However, there is still some doubt about this information given the power of the Korean manufacturer, which is not easily fooled in this way. A troll troll would therefore be possible, we will closely follow Samsung’s press reports. The video of the keynote is available on Weibo, the two false representatives arrive at -18.18.

In the rest of the news, Travis Scott unveiled a new Jordan 1.

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