The Seven Deadly Sins

Season 4 of The Seven Deadly Sins “The Wrath of the Gods” will arrive on Netflix in 2020

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After 3 long years of waiting for the fans who follow the progress of the scans, The Seven Deadly Sins will be back for a 4th season much awaited. The son of the king of demons is back in service and will have a lot to do.

Written by Nakaba Susuki, The Seven Deadly Sins is a manga set in a fictional version of the United Kingdom. In the kingdom of Liones, the people are protected by the Sacred Knights, whose order includes the most powerful knights in the country. The story begins 10 years after a terrible plot to carry out a coup d’état against the Crown led to the prosecution of an elite group of Sacred Knights, who then became deserters also known as the 7 deadly sins. Behind the traditional fights, the manga also pays great attention to the characters’ love and friendship feelings.


Faced with a scenario that does not leave time to get bored as there are so many fights, it will also be necessary to follow the development of the emotional bond that unites Meliodas and Elyzabeth. We gradually understand that a major mystery hangs over the character of Meliodas while his true power seems impossible to quantify but we will not say more, so as not to spoil too much to all those who would discover this manga. A story that quickly takes off, breathtaking caradsign and an eye-catching scenario will also be joined by a perfectly developed animated film, with some combat scenes already being true classics.

The season 4 of Seven Deadly Sins should be on netflix July/ August 2020.

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  1. Ty says:

    Easily the most anticipated piece of entertainment of 2020 for me! I can’t wait til July/August to get here! And will be dodging spoilers until then

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