Shordie Shordie might be the next up in the US

  • Yann Allui
  • 7 months Ago
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Shordie Shordie is a young rapper from Baltimore whose musical skills could quickly bring him to the top.

The rise of the internet probably has had the most impact on the music industry. Member of the Peso Da Mafia trio, Shordie Shordie stands out thanks to his flow and voice coupled to his ability to make infectious hook. This ability is actually the reason for his epithet of Captain Hook which is also the name of his first project which dropped last year. Among the 9 tracks of the mixtape, the song “Bitchuary” got him a lot of attention. Hype that secured him an apparition in Juice WRLD’s Death Race For Love Tour. To make a long story short, keep an eye on him cause Shordie Shordie might be the next big thing.

You can watch the the single “Bitchuary” down below :

Yann Allui

Rédacteur / Team WAVE®

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