Sneakers Addict™ presents : Trap Back Like 45

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It’s said that legends are built upon the strength of the wrist and the elbow grease quality and if Michael had the jumpshot, others, on the other hand, got the recipe, the Pyrex® pot, the right skills set in the kitchen and the Baking Soda®. Gucci Mane, Peewee Longway, Migos, Yo Gotti, Young Thug, Bankroll Fresh… they all carried the black 45, not especially on a jersey on their back tho, they all had to get rid of their opponents, not really on the court tho .
These People’s Champs share the same goal: racking up the trophy room and keep their name shining, from their Champ’s rings to their own logos on their blings.

With this first feature on Sneakers Addict, LCK take you for a journey to the gritty spots and the well guarded alleys where these Free Agents got the retail on lock, just like the local sneaker store on your block.

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