Solemart Paris 2012 X X Solebox LaMJC “A Sneaker Lovers Paradise”

  • Caroline Thenadey
  • 6 years Ago
  • Music

Yesterday, Paris XI .. The Solemart 2012 organized by the MJC and Solebox has kept its promises and this annual event is now in all agendas.

Whether the stands, vendors and the entire population has a good atmosphere was at the rendezvous. Tables busy, great prizes and can be negotiated, OG pairs, pairs retro .. Briefly, a wide choice. For the luckiest and strongest of us, were some darn good business to do!

We presented above in collaboration with the MJC, a pair limited to only 14 copies sold Solemart .. Out of stock fast enough for this pair black / leopard.

For the team SneakersAddict, a verdict of more positive for this event: stars in their eyes because of the quality and / or scarcity of pairs made, exhibited and sold .. and an event to renew, of course!

Caroline Thenadey

/ team WAVE®

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