Supreme makes exceptional instore sales up to 40% off

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 7 months Ago
  • Clothing

As fans of the red box logo brand know, Supreme releases a new drop every Thursday and this often results in an out of stock situation.

Nevertheless, some weeks are more appealing depending on collaborations, more or less redundant items and there remain unsold items. Despite a silence on the American brand’s various social networks, the Supreme instore shop also makes their weeks sales, decorating entire racks stamped with a small “Dirty” sticker that could easily be missed. Pictures from the London shop show reduced prices on all kinds of items in order to satisfy the impulses of the brand’s aficionados while waiting for the announcement of the next season, which will soon be available.

Head for rue Barbette to find out if the same fate has been reserved for the Parisian shop.

In the rest of the clothing news, Stüssy GORE-TEX presents it’s latest collection.


Hugo Tannieres

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