Terms of “A Sneakerhead Essentials” contest



SneakersAddict is runing a contest on sneakersaddict.com from June 05th, 2015 until June 30th, 2015, 23h59 (Paris Time).



Clicking on the submit button at the end of the form is the trigger to record in our databases your participation and all the data you provided to us through the form.

Each participant can get up to an additional chance to be picked up by following Sneakers Addict™ (@sneakersaddictcom) and MR PORTER (@mrporterlive) on Instagram and by providing us the appropriate information in the form.


The contest organized by Sneakers Addict™ is limited to the European Union residents.

Sneakers Addict™ and MR PORTER teams and their relatives are not authorized to participate in any way to this contest. None of the prices can be attributed in case of participation.

For the underage, this contest is under the responsibility of their legal representatives that have parental authority or equivalent.

Only Sneakers Addict’s server time (CET timezone) will be taken into account for the starting date/time and End date/time. Participation received before or after these dates/time will not be taken into account.

Grounds for disqualification

Only one participation is allowed per people, email and home address. (Defined by the postal address, computer’s IP address, computer’s configuration, URL referer)
Usage of the form outside sneakersaddict.com is forbidden and any form non compliant to the original one will be discarded and blocked.
Usage of spamming, robots mass load tools is forbidden.
In case of hint of any kind of cheating, obvious or not (multiple participation, identical data, erroneous or incomplete data), the team will not take into account in claims and none of the  prize will be assigned to the participants.
In the case of any participation from outside of the European Union happens, the participation will be canceled and erased from the Database. Only Participation emitted from with a shipping address in European Union will be taken into account.
So please fill the form with proper information.


Results will be published on sneakersaddict.com and on Sneakers Addict™ social chanels.


The winner will be selected on June 30th 2015.

5. Shipping of the prize to the winner

Prize will be sent by MR PORTER.

You should expect up to 10 weeks for the prize to be sent.

In the case the prize is unavailable, Sneakers Addict™ and MR PORTER have the right to find a substitution prize with an equivalent price or above.

In any case we will only proceed to a single shipping of the pize per winner, Sneakers Addict™ can not be responsible for wrongly entered or incorrect address or in the case the prize is lost by the transporter.

Earned prizes can not be exchanged against any other prize from another contest.


For any question, please us the “Contact Us” form and precise us the email you used to participate to the contest.

7. LEGAL information

Participating to this contest implies that you authorize Sneakers Addict™ and MR PORTER to use the information you submitted. These will not be used for anything else than communication purpose and we will not transmit those information to anybody or any other company.

Unless clear mistake has been made, It is admitted that informations stored in our systems are liable and they can be used in case of litigation regarding data transmition and connectivity related to this contest.

This contest does not require the intervention of a usher.

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