The BBC conducts a surrealist interview with the director of Watch Dogs Legion

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The new Watch Dogs game is being finalised before its release and for the occasion, the BBC interviewed the creative director inside the game.

Like Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion will take place in a dystopian world that seems extremely complete. The game will take place in a London transformed by Brexit, ultra-connected and monitored. An armed militia called “Albion” has formed in this post-Brexit capital, which is facing resistance. You will be a hacker who will be able to hack the many technologies present and take control of any player. However, each death will be final, so it’s important to juggle taking control of the NPCs.

This topic has interested the BBC, which wondered about the development of the game in relation to the current political theme. By means of the motion capture, the journalist Marc Cieslak was able to enter directly into the game to talk with Clint Hocking. This is a first for the media and gaming world. The creative director faces his critics who accuse the game of using a subject that is highly divisive in the UK.

It’s our responsibility to look at what’s going on around us and have something to say about it.

– Clint Hocking about Brexit


Watch Dogs Legion was originally scheduled for March 2020, but was postponed by Ubisoft studio. The third very promising opus in the Watch Dogs series will finally be released next year.

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