The creator of Naruto announces his next manga named Samurai 8

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Fans of Masashi Kishimoto will be able to get excited in 2019, the mangaka plans to start Samurai 8, a new series that looks as promising as the saga of the greatest Hokage of all time.

We leave the shinobi world of Naruto to familiarize ourselves with the samurai, another category of warrior who has fascinated and become part of popular culture. While Boruto was simply supervised by Kishimoto, the mangaka here holds the reins of the script in cooperation with his drawing assistant Akira Okubo. Samurai 8 takes the side of making the action take place in a cyberpunk universe while keeping the medieval codes of Japan. An explosive cocktail whose chosen title is similar to Seven Samurai, a major film in Japanese cinema, could we find elements of this classic in the boards of Kishimoto’s latest baby?

For the answer, check out the Shonen Jump in April 2019. Find the Samurai 8 trailer below.

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