The end of Bleach will finally be adapted into an anime

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A news that’s going to make a lot of people happy. The last arc of the manga Bleach will be adapted into an anime, after several years of waiting.

The manga Bleach is easily considered one of the great classics of the genre. It tells the story of Ichigo, a young man who manages to see the dead since childhood. One day he meets a shinigami, an angel of death who protects humans from hollows, lost souls turned into monsters. Ichigo becomes a shinigami as well and begins his hunt for the hollows.

The release of the manga Bleach began in the early 2000s, and was adapted into an anime in 2004. However, this anime adaptation stopped in 2014 while the manga volumes continued to be released until 2016. Leaving the fans on their hunger for 6 years, the series will finally come back to conclude. It was a leak in the next issue of the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump that revealed the information. Indeed, for the 20th anniversary of the manga, the last long-awaited arc “The Bloody War of a Thousand Years” will be released in an animated version in 2021. The exact date is not known yet.

La fin de Bleach va enfin être adaptée en animé

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