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The features of the iPhone 12 have been leaked and are revolutionary

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While the iPhone 11 row has recently been released, the iPhone 12 is already shaping up to be a major technological breakthrough from Apple.

The addition of a triple objective had both won over and amused aficionados and detractors of the apple brand, but it must be said that every year new features push the limits of technology a little further, and this iPhone 12 should be no exception to the rule.


3D camera

This new edition is expected to include a long-range 3D camera, allowing digital mapping of the environment up to 4.5 meters. This innovation comes from the switch from point projectors to laser technology for greater accuracy. Concretely, this means a more efficient portrait mode, but above all a possible and daily use of augmented reality. A crucial point that should be the spearhead of Apple for the next Keynote.


Unchanged design

Major internal technical innovations, but no external modifications: the iPhone 12 should follow the design of its predecessors initiated by X.


Thinner screen and 120 Hz

The iPhone 12 will benefit from new screens to switch from 80 Hz to 120 Hz. Experienced gamers know that a major difference is the 40 Hz for smoother and easier readability. A decision that says a lot about Apple’s positioning on mobile gaming, in line with the redesign of mobile gaming subscriptions. Apple will also use Samsung’s Y-OCTA display technology for thinner screens.


Return of Touch ID

A feature that had disappeared in favour of Face ID, the two types of recognition will be in conjunction for an even higher level of security. This digital recognition would be integrated into the screen, allegedly at the front camera.


Better performance with better RAM

Bigger and better laptops for ever smaller components: the iPhone 12 will contain the smallest A14 chip ever created: 5 nanometers, resulting in a significant improvement in performance and efficiency: 15% on average, as well as a 50% increase in RAM from 4 to 6 GB. Even stronger: this new chip should bring CPU performance in line with that of the 15-inch MacBook Pro. While individual developers may be able to create software that competes with traditional platforms, notebooks and desktop computers are a concern for the future.


Wireless / USB-C recharging assumption

While all competitors already have these features, Apple would like to join the ranks of USB. A leak that is surprising given the small fortune that the firm must make to sell these unique connectors that are only usable on the iPhone. The track of a terminal allowing wireless recharging is quite plausible, the competition already offers this feature, and this for several versions.


5G available

The arrival of the 5G at Apple is confirmed in order to compensate for the competition that already offers it. Nevertheless, the price should not be impacted compared to others who charge several hundred dollars for phones offering it.



The iPhone 12 represents one of Apple’s most important updates in years with many new features added. Nevertheless, there is a lack of external redesign, which will weigh heavily in the choices of consumers who would hesitate between the 11 and 12 range, especially since the previous versions will suffer a drop in the selling price. It remains to be seen if Apple has other trump cards up its sleeve to establish its superiority. Answer to the September keynote.

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