The first images of the Batman divide the community

  • Hugo Tannieres
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The director of the next opus of the Batman saga has unveiled the first teaser of the film The Batman, scheduled for 2021.

Matt Reeves published the video in a tweet, giving a first preview of the new Batman to be played by Robert Pattinson. In this dark clip made for test videos appear details of the superhero’s outfit that seems to be revisited, as well as a part of his masked face. Rumor has it that the bat on the front of the suit is made from the gun that killed his parents. While the suit seems to delight the community, the mask is rather divisive. Some fans have imagined what it might look like in its entirety. Between long and thin ears or short ears worthy of Catwoman, other Internet users took the opportunity to give us a better idea of the video.

Hugo Tannieres

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