The Jordan 1 Strap Over Swoosh embodies techwear 30 years before

  • Hugo Tannieres
  • 2 years Ago
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The Jordan 1 Strap Over Swoosh embodies techwear 30 years beforeThe Jordan 1 Strap Over Swoosh reminds us that it was not necessary to wait for Acronym and Alyx to incorporate straps into a sneaker.

Nike outputs mixing techwear and unstructured are numerous, and probably too much according to the OG sneakerhead opinion. Denaturation of silhouettes, experimental design: this popularity is far from unanimous for purists. However, a pair of Jordan 1 called “Strap Over Swoosh” had these characteristics well before the hype we know today. In 1986, following a foot injury in his second NBA season, Michael Jordan wore a modified version of his Jordan 1 Chicago. Nike has added a nylon strap to the model that can be adjusted with two buckles: an aluminium strap on the upper and a plastic strap on the top of the shoe to hold the foot securely and ensure good foot stability. This sneaker is totally in tune with current trends, despite having been created 30 years ago.

This Jordan 1 Strap Over Swoosh available in one copy was recently purchased for $55,000.

Hugo Tannieres

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