Vans Era “Diver City Plaza Tokyo”

  • Caroline Thenadey
  • 6 years Ago
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Sometimes it there’s really jealous of what the Japanese .. and this new exclusive Asian proves it. Below are the Diver City Vans Era! This model was designed to open a shop in a large Mall Vans Japanese in Tokyo: The Tokyo Diver City Plaza!

This mall will be the symbol of modern Japan, and influential fashion today. Several rumors about the inspiration of the print pairs: A more poetic inspiration came straight from the glare of the lights in the bay of the island of Odaiba .. inspiration and a more urban environments and incorporating the colors of summer with a ‘spray-paint’ degraded.

The pairs will be sold in August. Enjoy!

Vans Era "Diver City Plaza Tokyo", 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Caroline Thenadey

/ team WAVE®

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