Yusuke Hanai Steve Caballero Vcd


Yusuke Hanai Steve Caballero Vcd



Bringing the drawings of Japanese artist Yusuke Hanai to life, Medicom liken this plastic figurine to the painting issued at the request of Vans back in 2016. A celebration of the world famous skateboarder, Steve Caballero stands with his arms out wide, donning his all-familiar uniform: a black and red striped top, flat cap and of course, his first-ever signature skate shoe, the Vans Caballero, underfoot. A shrunken-sized Cab to sit on any shelf or desktop, show your admiration for the skateboarding legend with this Medicom figurine.
Plastic Figure

119 €
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Yusuke Hanai Steve Caballero Vcd
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