Popeye Magazine
Popeye – Issue 926: The car is on my side
■I would like to introduce my favorite car (friend).
Y2K Volvo, domestic sports cars, friendly European cars,
Station wagon, yellow number, wagon...
■GOOD CARS, GOOD DRIVE! Ride your car and go anywhere.
■An unforgettable car story.
Masataka Matsutoya, Goro Nakatsugawa, Daisuke Obana, Hideki Togi
■Today I spent the day looking for a good car.
■A car movie made by a director who is a car enthusiast. Kiyoshi Kurosawa INTERVIEW
■Car design that pioneered an era.
■Young city boy's car white paper
■Q&A regarding first car and money
■Someday! dream garage.
■What!? There are Japanese cars across the ocean!
■So, what is EV actually like?
■Etiquette for driving on the diagonal of Bose & Mt.
■Culture surrounding cars 10
■Car watching on National Route 134.

Language: Japanese
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