Chest RLG 2.0 x MMW


Chest RLG 2.0 x MMW



When Alyx founder and creative director Matthew M. Williams links up with Nike you know you are getting something special. The well-known “belt-guy” with his preference for black gear and items brings you the Nike x MMW Chest Rig, a piece we have seen from MMW as part of his own collections. The definitely Berlin-ready chest rig features an oversized Nike Swoosh on the front while keeping all your belongings safely stored.

– Nike Chest RLG 2.0 x MMW Blk

– Woven fabric

– Laser perforated back

– Zippered chest pocket

– Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles

– 100% polyester

249 €
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Chest RLG 2.0 x MMW
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