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Fuck Paypal T-Shirt


Fuck PayPal Tee is part of our exclusive online release.

“The idea for Fuck PayPal T-shirt emerged last year due to an immense amount of damage caused to our business by this unresponsive and unapologetic mega-company known as PayPal. As a protest against their actions, this is our way of expressing concern not only for ourselves but also for hundreds of thousands of other people or businesses who had similar experience. We live in a digital age where information travels fast and we hope that with this BOLD statement we can have a strong impact. The more people wear this t-shirt the more chances big giant might ask itself questions.” FC TEAM

Relaxed fit // front & back screen print // 100% cotton.

Made in the UK

Please note: Women are advised to go size down as unisex styles are in Mens sizing.

70 €
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Fuck Paypal T-Shirt
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